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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Declaration of Independence - Natural Rights of Man


I grow a group of plants called brugmansias.  The common name is "Angel's Trumpets."  I have friends all over the world who grow these, and they grow easily from cuttings.  In California it is hard to find colors in nurseries other then yellow or white, but my friends in the Southeast United States grow them in pinks, salmons, peaches and oranges.  In the fall they cut back their plants and sell parts of the branches as cuttings for other growers to root.  I would like to order some cuttings from my friends, but I know California has laws about bringing plant materials into the state.  I think I'd better find out if it's legal to bring these in.

Here is what I learned on the California Food and Agriculture site:

Certain species of animals, plants, insects and other organisms, including microorganisms, are not allowed into California. For those that are allowed, an import permit and/or health certificate or phytosanitary certificate may be required to legally enter into the state of California.

That's disappointing.  It means I probably cannot order from my friends unless they have a permit (and most of them don't).  But I understand the reason for this law.

To get an import permit, health certificate or phytosanitary certificate growers have to have inspections of their nurseries.  If someone sends plant material into California that has not been inspected, the plant material might bring in bacteria, fungus or other living organisms (like insects) that could severely damage California's crops, like oranges and lemons.  If the crops are damaged, people would lose their jobs.  No jobs means no money for food, shelter or medicines.  This could cost people their lives.

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