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Students! Enter progress (2-3 sentences) in your own blog after every Genius Hour Session.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

First Genius Hour Blog Assignment

Friday, February 27, 2015

Today and every Genius Hour session you are to post a two-to-three sentence report on your progress on your GENIUS HOUR PROJECT.  What did you research?  What did you add?  What did you consider adding but are not sure about?

Make sure you use the label function to label it GRADEME so that I know it is the report.

New Post (or click on pencil)
Type #grademe into the box
Title your post
Write your post

Be careful!  I am not interested in what you did to your blog.  I am interested in what you did on your Genius Hour Project.

You may use this blog to store pieces that you are considering.  BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE CITATION.  To cite an internet source, use this format:

Author (if given).  "Title of Web Page."  Title of Website.  Date last updated.  Name of organization that sponsors the site.  Date accessed <URL link>.


Walker, Gary.  "The Effects of Radiation."  Hiroshima Atom Bomb.  15 Mar. 2000.  Los Alamos Research Facility.  14 Oct 2008.

Flannery O'Connor Collection.  7 July 2006.  Georgia College and State University.  31 August 2006.

Note that the author in the second example is not given.  It is sometimes very difficult to find all of the information you need to make a proper citation for a website.  Try to find as much information as possible.

My thanks to Mr. Kaio for sharing his "WORKS CITED CHEAT SHEET.  (KEEP THIS FOREVER!) with me.  I hope you still have yours.  Forever is now.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


In your final Genius Hour presentation, you must explain how the federal government is involved in your topic.


For example, "the federal government gives money to it" is too general.  Be specific – EXACTLY how does the government give money?  What is the name of the grant? When was it started?  How much do they give?

"The federal government taxes it" is also too general, too vague.  What is the tax?  How much is it?  How is it collected?

"The federal government regulates it."  TOO GENERAL.  TOO VAGUE.  What, exactly, are the regulations?  There are HUNDREDS of regulations on cars, for instance.  And imports even more than domestic.  Give specific examples and explain how they affect the performance of the car.

February 20, 2015